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What is a branded hashtag? In plain words, It's your hashtag.

Creating a branded hashtag is an excellent approach to create rapid interest.

Instagram users adore tagging pages and utilizing hashtags to be discovered. It's a method of obtaining exposure while also gaining more followers.

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1. Branded Hashtags

According to research by Simply Measured, 70 percent of the most-used hashtags on Instagram have branded hashtags created by businesses.

Creating a hashtag around your brand is a fantastic strategy to increase its searchability; whether it's simply your brand name or something more inspirational.

A branded hashtag is generally unique to your business. It can be,

  • company name, #nike
  • company tagline, #justdoit
  • name of your products, #airmax
  • Related to your brand identity, #fitlife

Keep it simple

Maintain a short, simple, and easy-to-spell brand hashtag so that your fans and customers can remember it.

Keep it memorable

Hashtags that are funny, creatively constructed, or both have a better chance of being remembered.

Keep it unique

You don't want it to be overly narrow that it gets lost in the sea of hashtags related to other businesses or general such as #shoes or #fitness.


You may use a catchy, branded Instagram hashtag to increase brand recognition, but it might take some effort to get people to start using it. You can try having a contest and ask your audience to post content with your hashtags to get high engagement and user-generated content.

Include your branded Instagram hashtag in all marketing materials, including emails, printed items, and corporate logos. It should also be present on all of your social media sites, not just Instagram!

Remember to add your hashtag to your Instagram bio so that your followers know to use it!

You can also create more than one branded hashtag to promote an event, a campaign, or a new product launch.

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