Content Library

A well-curated list of content to post on Instagram regularly.

1. What is a content library?

It's like having a bank of posts you can pull from at any moment to put on social media, especially Instagram. It provides you with a list of content that you may use yourself or assign someone else to utilize for Instagram postings.

Content library in simple terms is just edited and prepared content ahead of time.

Instead of creating content each day or every time you post, you can choose a day, week, or month to fully focus on just creating content and saving it in your content library.

Creating multiple sets of content at the same time is also known as batching and it helps you to be in the zone to create enough content to last you for weeks or months at a time.

2. How to organize your content library?

The content library can be organized in freely available tools such as Google Sheets or Notion. Most social media management platforms also provide features to manage a content library.

There are benefits to managing content library yourself on Google Sheets or Notion as well. As you can tweak them to your style of management and fit your brand or account.

Typically you would create columns for different content pillars and content types, tables to store actual content including captions as well tables to store reusable hashtags, etc. You will also need a calendar view to know when you would be posting which content.

Apart from the above, you will also need a place to write down ideas when they come to your mind but you are not ready yet to create a publishable post. 

3. How to manage content library?

You can create spreadsheets and folders to manage content but it may take time to create it and you'll have to learn a lot before you have a crisp content library setup.

Instagrumpy's templates provide a simple to use Content library and it will help you if you are a beginner or an expert.

Most social media management tools as well, provide a content library, they typically have the following features,

  • One place to store all your content assets - Whether it’s your own assets or any content you save for inspiration.
  • Keeping content organized and accessible - They also help you to organize content into collections and categories while allowing it to be shared among team members.
  • Saving content, ideas, and inspirations - You may add inspirations from others' content by taking screenshots or saving links.
  • Collaborating on content - These tools also allow multiple users to access the content, provide feedback, updates on completion, and approval for posting.
  • Integration with Third-Party apps - You may have content stored on other systems such as Google Drive or Dropbox and these tools may also allow to integrate it to their platform to access everything in one place.

Here are a few examples of tools with a content library as a feature,


Content libraries are sets of pre-created, edited, and ready-to-use content that can be used on social media, especially Instagram.

They are typically organized using tools such as Google Sheets or Notion.

While it is possible to create your own content library on spreadsheets, it is only easy if you are an expert. Instagrumpy provides simple templates for beginning or expert use cases so you can have a crisp content library set up quickly.

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