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The appearance of your Instagram account is the first thing potential customers see when they visit your brand's profile. The colors, layout, tone, and overall vibe of your Instagram page all contribute to a style that may either attract new followers or drive them away.

A distinct and well-integrated Instagram aesthetic not only looks good, but it can also enhance brand recognition and company success. It will send the message of your brand's voice, personality, and help followers recognize your content when it shows up on their feeds.

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We’ll cover the following:

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  2. How to create instagram aesthetics?
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1. The Approach

The importance of Instagram aesthetics also known as Instagram themes is quite important when it comes to marketing. Companies need to have a cohesive marketing strategy that includes their social media platforms as well visual aesthetics with their logos.

In the end, before you start creating aesthetics, several items must be completed for your brand's aesthetic to benefit your business.

Define your core values

The appearance and feel of various brands on Instagram are influenced by distinct priorities. If you're a yoga clothing business that specializes in eco-friendly attire, for example, your Instagram account will reflect these ideas.

It can show up through color choices (more on that later), topic selections, and any messaging communicated via stylized text posts.

This can be completed using the Instagrumpy framework, Instagram Pitch. It is located in the prerequisites section at the bottom of this page.

Define your target audience

Developing your brand's appearance becomes second nature when you know who your content is trying to reach out to. The clientele of a Yoga apparel shop will be significantly different from those of an Electronic Music clothing shop.

You'll also find that this helps you to define your brand's personality. Is it more casual and modern? classic and traditional? Or something else entirely? You may choose your conversational tone, such as formal or informal, by using the appropriate words.

You can define your target audience using the Instagrumpy framework, Target Audience. It is located in the prerequisites section at the bottom of this page.

Define brand colors and typography

Color is crucial in developing a distinct Instagram aesthetic for your business. According to a study, color influences customer purchasing decisions by about 85%. Color, in addition, boosts brand recognition by 80%.

Once you’ve picked your colors and fonts, incorporate them into all of your content.

You can define your brand colors and typography using the Instagrumpy framework, Brand Colors, and Brand Typography. They are located in the prerequisites section at the bottom of this page.

2. Creating Instagram Aesthetics

Good aesthetics make the feed appear to have been made on the same day in the same light, with everything looking cohesive.


The most consistent Instagram aesthetics will have mastered their editing techniques. There is no mixing of dark and gloomy images with light and lively content. 

The ideal method to maintain your Instagram aesthetic is to use presets on your photographs. Instagram presets are pre-made filters that you may apply to photos using a program like Canva. This will help you not to worry about forgetting how much brightness you usually add to your shots again.

Whatever you do, whether it's a picture or text-only post, it must have your brand's characteristics. All you have to do now is make sure they're properly edited with the proper colors, textures, typefaces while also keeping their captions and perspective in line with your brand's personality.

Some tools like below can help you edit your content well,


After that, you'll need to plan out your Instagram feed. You want your Instagram page to appear well-considered and professional, so carefully preparing it is the way to go.

When you plan your feed, you'll be able to see which pieces of content look best together—and which don't. You'll be able to tell where you need another shot of your brand's primary hue and where you could use a brighter photo in the mix.

The tools mentioned below can help you with planning and scheduling content,

3. Instagram Themes Examples

Colorful Theme by @canva

Canva's Instagram Theme

Color coordinated Instagram theme by @stellamariabaer

Stella Maria Baer's Instagram Theme

Checkerboard Instagram theme by @bossbabe.inc

Bossbabe's Instagram theme


The top 9-12 posts on your Instagram feed are often the first pieces of content that visitors see. From the type of imagery you choose to the filters and editing techniques you apply, every tiny detail builds a stronger story for your audience to follow.

With your Instagram feed and stories branded cohesively on your profile, visitors will be more likely to convert into followers when they get a strong first impression of your account.

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