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An Instagram follower is a person who follows your account and can view, like, and comment on any of your posts.

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1. Followers Basics

Instagram users who follow you are known as followers; they can see your posts on both your profile and their feed. These are the only individuals who can view your postings if your Instagram is set to private (personal accounts). They can watch and respond to your Instagram stories.

The list of people you follow on Instagram is referred to as your following; their postings appear in your feed, and you have access to their profile if you want. You may send these individuals a direct message, but they may need to approve it before answering if they do not follow you back.

The follower/following ratio is the proportion of people who are following you and the number of people that you follow, often known as the follower/following ratio. Many people use the follower/following ratio to determine the quality of your Instagram account.

A low-quality account follows a lot of individuals but has few followers. Users with far more followers than the ones they're following are seen as excellent or even legendary accounts, and these people may be brands, celebrities, or Instagram influencers.


If you only run your account, tracking your follower and following counts isn't necessary. The main reason for using a personal Instagram account is to stay in touch with family and friends.

Businesses, brands, and Instagram influencers, on the other hand, work to maintain a favorable follower/following ratio (more followers than they are following) to promote their account and allow other users to discover that they are an intriguing account to follow.

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