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You've probably heard that first impressions are important, right? In real life as well as online. It all starts with a profile that stands out.

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  • Importance of impeccable Instagram profile

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1. Key Aspects of Profile

  1. Profile Photo: If it is your personal account or if you are a creator or influencer, then always use a real photo of you. In the case of a brand or company use the logo. This becomes identifiable for your audience, so try not to change it often.
  2. Picking Username: You may feel that all good ones are already taken but you can always find something creative and memorable. In the initial stages try a couple of them to see which one sticks and get feedback from friends and family as well.
  3. Profile Name: This does not have to be the same as your username. For best results choose a meaningful name - your name, brand name, or what you do (example: Yoga & Meditation). Instagram uses the name in the search results and a meaningful name will help you get discovered.
  4. Instagram Bio: Write a bio that connects with your audience. You can further take help from the framework Instagram Pitch and Target Audience to make your bio pop.
  5. Writing Instagram Bio: While you can write a simple bio on the Instagram mobile app, there is a way to make it look better. Use an external tool such as online character counter tool to write your bio. Keep the bio at 150 characters or less. You can use line breaks and emojis (emoji tool) to make it look better. Once done to your liking, and if you used the online character counter tool then first, copy and paste it into any text editors such as Notes or Notepad. Then again copy and paste it into your Instagram bio on your desktop. It won't work on a mobile phone.
  6. For the Business or Creator account, choose the relevant category.
  7. Setup Instagram contact options, especially if you are a local business.
  8. Instagram Link: This can be a link to your website but generally you may want your audience to see a nice-looking page with more than one link. As Instagram only allows one link, you can use third-party tools such as Link in Bio or Linktree. To further learn, do check out our framework Links In Bio.


There are multiple components to your Instagram profile and you must not ignore any of its components. The better you set up your profile, the more professional it will look to your audience and will prof=vide you with the brand identity and growth in following.

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