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Instagram stories highlights are like pages of a website. Consider each highlight to be a "category" page from your website.

You may have an "about" page, as well as numerous other pages depending on your business, in addition to your home page, isn't it?

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1. Instagram Stories Highlights

Think of each highlight as a marketing video for your business – what do you want them to know even if they don't follow you immediately?

You may have separate pages for tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, and so on if you run an online clothing store.

For example, if you're a hairstylist, you'll have separate portfolio websites for displaying your work with cuts, color, extensions, or styling.

2. Using the Stories Highlights

You may apply the same "pages" on your website concept as a source of inspiration for the categories you'd like to include in your Instagram Stories Highlights!

You may also create stories highlights for each of your collections or services so that your followers or potential audience and customers can quickly discover what you're all about without leaving Instagram.

This includes knowing what they like and showing them more of it by highlighting certain aspects of your Instagram content with Stories Highlights to make an impression on their minds.

To create a story highlight, swipe left on the Instagram camera screen. Then tap the plus sign to add your photo or video. The next step is to type in your caption and pick which hashtags you want to use. After that, select when you want your story to appear under "Highlights" by tapping on "Location," "Time" or "On" in the top right corner. When you are finished, tap "Done."


Instagram stories highlights are an excellent method to share the highlights of your brand or service so that people may get a taste of what you have to offer, similar to browsing a website.

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