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If you own a branded Instagram account, this "link in bio" is critical for enticing people to visit your site from Instagram, as the platform restricts you to one single permanent link in your profile's bio.

In this framework, we'll show you how to make the most of your Instagram bio link.

Takeaway skills

  • Creating shorter, better-looking links
  • Using tools to allow more than one link

We’ll cover the following:

  1. Ways to use the link in the Instagram bio
  2. Some tools which make it easier
  3. Summary
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1. Using Link in Bio

You've undoubtedly seen it a hundred times - your favorite Instagram account shares an image about something fascinating, with the final line being "click the link in bio". Accounts with 10,000 or more followers can share links through their Stories, but those that are still growing their following must utilize the single link in bio to direct followers to a product page or a piece of content.

If you only have one link to share with your audience and it's a short readable link, you can just put it in the Instagram profile but if it is not short then you can potentially use link shortening tools such as listed below to make it look better before adding it to your profile.

In most cases you will want to use “link in bio” tools which are used widely on Instagram: brands may promote their current sale, news article, product collection, or other items in their content while also effectively linking to them all, prompting people to click the link on each relevant post. You can also rotate other links for the most recent material by maintaining evergreen destinations such as your homepage or prominent lead magnets.

2. Link in Bio Tools

Fortunately, there are several link in bio tools that let you combine all of these important links into a single URL and share them via a single URL. This will result in a custom landing page with all of the relevant links you wish to distribute. In addition, these tools provide helpful analytics which will enable you to find out how many people clicked etc.

  1. Linktree – One of the most well-known and established solutions on the market. Track links, use pre-designed templates and automate link scheduling using this tool.
  2. – One of the most sophisticated Instagram link in the bio tool. Allow you to replicate your entire Instagram profile and add multiple links throughout the account.
  3. Milkshake – Designed to mimic Instagram stories, it allows followers to ‘swipe' through postings and comes with a slew of options for customization.
  4. Tap Bio – Create slides that take your most devoted Instagram followers to your newest and best Instagram postings with this unique bio link tool.
  5. JotURL – A simple tool that allows you to insert an Instagram link in your bio with custom branding and URL shortening.


Users will appreciate the simplicity of using your link in bio because they may go directly to all necessary links from one location, making you far less likely to lose out on potential leads and traffic simply because Instagram limits you to one link.

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