Content Cheatsheet

A list of easily accessible sets of content for various Instagram content types.

1. Importance of content cheatsheet for Instagram

Unlike some social media platforms such as Twitter and Tiktok, Instagram allows multiple content types to be posted.

  • Instagram Posts (Images)
  • Instagram Carousels (multiple images)
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Videos (formerly IGTV)
  • Instagram Reels
  • Instagram Guides

So, on Instagram, your audience expects and appreciates variety. To create engagement among your audience, you also need a variety of content.

We have created a list of 12 different content segments you can build in your arsenal to never bore your followers and keep them engaged.

2. Types of standard content segments


Quotes have been used since the inception of social media, and they appeal to everyone, regardless of your target demographic. To make them stand out, you may mix both quotes and images.

Where to find: GoodreadsBrainy Quotes, Google Search

Goes well with, Instagram posts and stories

Memes & GIFs

Use trending memes, alter them for your account as needed. They have a very high virality index and people find them very entertaining.

Where to find: GIPHYKnow Your MemeIMgur

Goes well with, Instagram posts and stories


Social media users apart from being entertained also like to be informed. Sharing the latest or recent news and articles in a form of your content may make followers more engaged with your content.

Where to find: Set up Google Alerts or News aggregators with keywords related to your brand. You'll get plenty of content ideas.

Goes well with, Instagram posts, stories, and reels

Featured Posts

Feature your teammates, your role models, or stalwarts from history who relate to your brand. Tag them in captions and the photo if they are on Instagram as well.

Where to find: Your office, Instagram, or Google search.

Goes well with, Instagram posts

Brand Photos & Videos

It's not a bad idea to show your brand now and then and if you are branding yourself, most of your content may be just you. This also enables you to share the story of your brand and its purpose over time. If your brand is a person, then you may also share personal interests and hobbies.

Where to find: Conduct a photoshoot and create videos of interesting and fun parts of your business such as events or funny stories.

Goes well with, all Instagram content types

Product Tips

If you sell products or services, you must share tips on how your customers can better use them. You can create even create memes out of them or short explainer videos.

Where to find: Your FAQs, Blogs, and Product manuals.

Goes well with, Instagram posts, guides, videos, and reels

Problem/Solution posts

In most cases, you are always trying to add value to your audience, solving their problems. So do share content that states specific problems and shows them a solution. They work like magnets because Instagram users can relate to them and would immediately get interested in learning about the solution.

Where to find: Your business value.

Goes well with, Instagram carousel posts, and reels

Ask Questions

Add an open-ended inquiry to your caption to enhance your audience engagement. You can also use stickers provided by Instagram on Instagram stories to ask questions from your followers. This is the ultimate engagement-generating machine.

Where to find: Brand story or customer problems or taking suggestions from followers.

Goes well with, Instagram posts, and stories


Instagram makes it simple to pool users through Instagram stories. Types of polls you can create,

This or that poll - Ask your followers which one they prefer by writing two choices. Examples,

  • What kind of person are you? Dog or Cat? 
  • Your favorite flavor! Chocolate or vanilla?
  • How do you relax? Netflix or Outdoors? 

Yes or No poll - Ask your followers a yes-or-no question about a certain topic. Examples,

  • Do you like apples? Yes/No
  • Have you been to New York City? Yes/No
  • Would you buy this T-shirt? Yes/No

Sliding scale polls - They give sliding scales to users, use them when you want to show something which you know that your audience will love. This is primarily for creating engagement. Examples,

  • Photos of you or a travel destination

Goes well with, Instagram stories


If you're already working with customers or selling your products or services, ask for testimonials and share them on Instagram. This will boost your credibility while also enticing people to inquire about your offers.

Where to find: Customer feedback.

Goes well with, Instagram posts, and stories


You do need to promote your brand, its product, and its services. So always have them in your content cycle. Make sure you provide a specific call-to-action to your audience.

Where to find: Your product and services.

Goes well with, Instagram posts, stories, and reels


Everyone likes free stuff, right? Giveaways are a wonderful approach to increase audience interaction and develop your following. Just make sure your giveaways align with your brand and are not generic.

Where to find: Related to your product or services. You sell fitness services, giveaway a protein shaker, not a mobile charger.

Goes well with, Instagram posts, and stories


On Instagram, your audience demands and values variety. You also need a wide range of content in order to create interaction among your followers.

Our compiled list of all 12 distinct content segments can be used to keep your audience interested.

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