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A content pillar is a simple way to start thinking about the strategic focus of your social media marketing. It should be based on 2-3 key factors that are important to your target audience.

For example, if you're targeting parents with your marketing, then one pillar might be "parenting advice", while another might be "product reviews".

Look at what other brands in your industry are doing for ideas.

Takeaway skills

  • Creating Instagram content pillars
  • Delivery of content as per Instagram content pillars

We’ll cover the following:

  1. What are Instagram content pillars?
  2. What are the benefits of having Instagram content pillars?
  3. How to create Instagram content pillars?
  4. How to deliver content as per content pillars?
  5. Summary
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1. What are Instagram content pillars?

Topics that your brand will talk about on Instagram and create content for are known as content pillars. They are generally 2-3 topics that speak for your brand.

They are also known as content categories or content buckets.

Consider what problems your customers are facing while creating material. Depending on where you are in the buyer's journey, your Instagram content should entertain, educate, inspire, or persuade.

2. What are the benefits of having Instagram content pillars?

The first thing defining content pillars does is to help you figure out your niche. Being an expert in one or a few key areas will assist your audience growth more quickly.

The next best thing is that they make content planning a snap. You may use your content pillars to construct a strategic content calendar for the month ahead rather than rushing to publish last-minute posts.

3. How to create Instagram content pillars?

You need to look into your Instagram Pitch first, the value you plan to add to your audience's life. Use Instagrumpy's framework Instagram Pitch to define your story.

Once done, develop 2 to 3 topics you should cover for your niche. If you are just starting on Instagram, then continue narrowing it down to very specific niches i.e. 1-2 topics.

A content pillar is a list of topic areas that will be relevant to your brand and niche. For example:

  • A holistic health brand can focus on topics such as Ayurveda, yoga, and spirituality.
  • An independent bookshop may concentrate on new book releases, indy authors, and local coffee shops.
  • A marketer could focus on growth hacking, marketing tips, new tools, or content marketing.
  • A fashion influencer could focus on organic clothing, streetwear, seasonal clothing, etc.

While even 3 - 5 topics are fine, you must define one topic as primary, as in this age of cut-throat marketing, generic or broad content topics do not generate a many-core audience.

Always go with an upside-down "V" approach, i.e. start with one narrow niche and continue focusing on it until you get enough traction and following, and it will help you to quickly rise and be trusted for the niche by your followers.

The above approach helps your topics be limited, so all your effort and energy goes into making the best content for the particular niche.

Only once you have established your authority, a core group of followers, you must think of expanding into newer topics.

For example, your brand is all about Ayurveda and you have chosen topics such as skin care, weight loss, gut health, women's health, etc. Then you may start with just one topic such as weight loss with Ayurveda.

4. How to deliver content as per content pillars?

While content pillars help you define topics, you also need to think about your content delivery method.

For example, you may have chosen Ayurveda weight-loss as the topic, now you must know what would be your delivery style and the sequence of it for maximum impact.

Content delivery styles can be,

  • News
  • Memes
  • Quizzes
  • Storytelling
  • Informational
  • Influencers Content
  • Photography
  • Graphics
  • Marketing
  • etc.

You can choose one or more content delivery styles that must speak your brand voice. For example, you may be a very serious social cause brand and Memes may not be the right fit for you.

When creating content as per your pillars and delivery style, do think about how you plan to sequence it in your posting schedule, the right content at the right time matters.

If your marketing goal is to get followers to visit your website, or buy a product or just share the content with their network. You can achieve all these through a tested marketing framework.

As you will always grow and have new followers, you must repeat the marketing framework stated below.

  1. Awareness. In this phase, you should aim to develop awareness and trust with your audience. Knowledge-based posts, fun quizzes, or brand stories will be well-received by your audience.
  2. Consideration. This is the stage where you want to nurture your audience and stay on top of their mind. You can include customer testimonials, branded videos, behind-the-scenes content, or FAQs that address your customers' concerns.
  3. Decision. This is when you ask them for activities such as visiting your website, offers, or products for them to buy.


The content pillars are very helpful for the brands on social media. They help to cover topics that are relevant to your brand.

You must keep in mind your audience and their needs when creating the content pillars.

They help with establishing authority in a particular niche and helps to grow your brand.

The content pillars will also help you with staying focused on topics and improving reach depending on what is most relevant to your customer base.

Without pillars, marketers are not able to stay on topic and may stray away from what the customer wants which can impact customers' decisions.

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