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Social Media Manager


Responsibility Deliverable:

● Smooth Coordination b/w Client and Graphic Designer.

● Overall performance of your account’s on their respective Social Media handles

● Competitors research for better ideations & new trends

● Client Meetings & regular calls

● Upselling to existing clients.

Tasks & Activities:

1. Smooth Coordination b/w Client and Graphic Designer

a. Create a posting schedule for all clients

b. Update posting schedule as per new offers or trends in the markets

c. Work on campaigns regularly considering days of the year

d. Explaining designers about the theme you want them to follow

e. Advance posting plan: Make a Google Slide and add monthly calendar, Weekly captions & creatives there only for advance approval

f. Distribute clients among designers when someone is not present

g. Keep sharing good creatives among internal teams (Delhi/Jaipur/Chandigarh)

h. Facebook business manager/Business Suite implementation completely: assigning roles to individual profiles of SMS (Social Media Strategist)

i. Brainstorming sessions for ideations

j. Conduct Designing workshops

k. Managing Influencers

l. Taking care of all postings on your respective clients handles and ORM.

2. Competitors research for better ideations & new trends

a. Creating campaigns on facebook and insta to engage more audience, should not always relate to the artists, can relate to any of the current affairs.

b. Come up with new ideas for postings as per other players in the industries and follow new trends

3. Overall performance of your account’s on their respective Social Media handles

a. Manage Target Audience ( new for all clients) for boosting and keep on updating as per results

b. Managing Quality of content on creatives: Day & dates, grammer, phone numbers, clarity.

c. Check boosting performance of all active posts and update target or budget or creative if required

d. Every week brainstorm n prepare new ideas for all clients and end of the week submit a report of what all happened With numbers

e. Check Postings on all your clients handles for any errors or if its done or not.

f. Put engagement stories everyday with Stories Apps

g. Check Grammar & Spellings on tools available online for content

h. Prepare n update BRand Bible for each client

i. Maintain Google listings of your clients

j. Go through and verify Checklists everyday

k. Working on number of followers n engagement plan

l. Hashtags plan or apps for organic growth

4. Client Meetings & regular calls

a. Keep a track of changes like phone numbers or offers discontinued by being in regular touch with Clients.

b. Talk to Clients in case something is not clear

c. Responding to whatsapp groups instantly irrespective of a holiday or sunday.

d. All the briefs of any campaign and calendar should happen over call or meeting with the client. No just on WhatsApp. Am should explain the concept in their mind in detail to clients.

e. Sharing roi with figures And reports with clients every month in proper template comparing it with competitors

5. Upselling to existing clients.

a. Ask clients to increase boosting budget

b. Ask them if they want to get new menus printed, any new logo designed, etc

Measurement Metrics:

1. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) : It is calculated by: Customer Lifetime Value = (Customer Value) x (Average Customer Lifespan)

2. Referenceable Clients

3. Customer Satisfaction scores (CSAT)

4. Efficiency in overall performance of accounts

5. Regular meetings/interaction with clients

6. Revenue generated by upselling

a. Up-selling: Boosting the overall value and cost of existing services.

b. Cross-selling: Selling a similar and complementary product in the same vertical.

c. Renewal: Contract renewals of present clients.

7. Employee Satisfaction

8. Customer Churn Rate : Customer Churn Rate = (Total customers lost over a specific period) / (Total customers at the beginning of the period)

Required: Minimum 1 year of experience

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