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Create paid and organic posts for social networks in one collaborative content calendar.

The stress of managing all the content gets easy with the app.

Measuring customer engagement and customer support is not so stressful. 

You get one social inbox for all your networks in one place. Engage customers and prospects in the moments that count. You can keep a 360 view with easy-to-use data, the result of the campaign is more accessible. Get to know your audiences with social feedback while tracking content performance. 

It offers real-time chat and a host of advisory services to ensure an easy experience with the app. 

Features that falcon offers include-  monitoring Instagram mentions, responding to DMs and comments, collaborating with your team, and tracking their performance effortlessly.

You can manage Instagram profiles from your desktop Manage all of your Instagram profiles and engagement right from your desktop. With Falcon, you can: Organize and respond to Instagram DMs and comments, Reply to Instagram mentions outside of your feeds and 

Create response templates for common queries to stay true to your brand voice.

Falcon helps to manage social media channels, teams, workflows, and campaigns.