Consider to be a mini-website embedded inside of your Instagram profile, allowing you to post photographs that link directly to your products or services. Blocks help highlight your best content so that your followers can always find it easily. Also comes with standard social feed, which combines all of your linked and shoppable post into one spot.

Your page can redirect visitors away from your profile, whether it's a blog post or product page with your latest deal β€” you measure, optimize, and repeat as needed. allows you to add up to five links on each Instagram post, and the Shopify integration gives you information about which post resulted in sales so you can easily track and optimize conversions.

You may include your page in any location with Gallery. The changing feed automatically and instantly displays to your website's users the newest social media posts.

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Make the most of your profile's most valuable real estate, drive traffic, track clicks, and discover follower insights.

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